Frequently Asked Questions

Players must have turned 40 by the time they play in a match.

If a player turns 40 during a season they can only play in the matches on or after the day they turn 40.

A player can only play for one team on a match day. However they can play for different teams throughout the season, providing they are registered appropriately on The Whole Game System prior to each match.

Yes. All leagues require teams to be affiliated with their county FA. If you need help or advice with this, please contact Brenda at  cwfcsecretary1@gmail.com

There is a registration fee of £50 per team per season. This must be paid on entry.

The match fee is £45 per team per match, payable at least 3 days before the match. Teams who have not paid may not be allowed to play on the day.

The maximum squad size for each team for a single match is 10. You can have as many players as you want play throughout the season but they must be registered for that team appropriately on The Whole Game System prior to each match.

We are playing rules based on the FA Laws of The Game.

Yes. All referees are qualified and experienced.


All players and spectators entering the pitches MUST be wearing small moulded boots or astroturf boots. Trainers, metal studs, blades and other footwear is not permitted to be worn on the pitches. Players without the correct footwear will not be allowed to play in a match.

Yes. Spectators are allowed. If they enter the pitch area they MUST have the correct footwear on.

Dogs (except assistance dogs) are not permitted anywhere at Cheshunt Football Club. Assistance dogs are not allowed on the pitches.

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